Pic Nic At The Biodiversity Garden




18:30 - 22:30



Be Free Go Green’s Pic Nics will brighten up the summer evenings at the Biodiversity Garden of our friends from Azienda Agricola Bianchi!

Biodiversity means balance. In this magical garden, the different species of organically grown aromatic plants of Erbe Ticino coexist harmoniously, flooding the atmosphere with heady scents and intense colors.

Even a Pic Nic means balance: the right quantity of gastronomic deliciousness of our territory accompanies refreshing drinks and an enchanted atmosphere. A balance created by the things that the world of Be Free Go Green, Azienda Agricola Bianchi and Erbe Ticino share: love and care for Nature and respect for all that it gives us.

In this wonderful natural place you will have the opportunity to take a break away from the urban life.

You will be welcomed by a glass of Sambì, a low-alcohol drink made from elder flowers (harvested in the Ticino region of Val Mara), one of the stars of the summer. Produced following Grandma’s recipe and unique in its kind, it blends tradition and the art of sparkling wine.

You will also have the opportunity to taste the wines of the Azienda and the drinks of Erbe Ticino, accompanying them with a menu of organic products and local delicacies that is proposed in a wonderful Pic Nic basket and that will change from time to time depending on the seasonality and the offer of our producers.

We will have, for example, a summer salad enriched with vegetables from the garden and eggs from the happy chickens of the Azienda Agricola Bianchi, salami and cheese from the non-intensive farms of the Mendrisiotto Farms accompanied by a selection of bread and focaccia produced with flour from the Maroggia Mill, as well as a roast meat with creamy tuna sauce, a tart with berries from our garden… and of course, on request, various delicious VEG dishes.

Our Green Table events reflect our philosophy: fresh and genuine food, locally produced and of high quality.

And the background is the country chic setting in a perfect Be Free Go Green style, with recycled (or recyclable/biodegradable) and natural materials for our baskets and decorations and wild flowers that make everything even more charming.


You will walk in one of the oldest villages in Switzerland,

And if during the day you want to explore the fantastic region of Mendrisiotto, you can’t miss the refreshing walk to the Botto waterfall (just 10 minutes from the center of Rovio) or the trip up to Monte Generoso, one of the most fascinating panoramic peaks of the whole Ticino…

… ending your wonderful adventure, with our delicious Pic Nic among the olive trees, in the Garden of Biodiversity!


Casual clothes and comfortable shoes to walk on the grass and enjoy an evening in the green.

A respect for Nature, an open heart… and a camera to take wonderful pictures.


Biodiversity Garden, Strecia Dal Pozz, Rovio (TI), Switzerland
You will receive a map with directions to reach us a few days before the event.

Limited spots, reservation required!

* In case of bad weather forecasts, the picnic can be cancelled within 3 days from the event, with the possibility to reschedule the date choosing among those on the calendar, with absolute priority. Refund possible with a voucher to be used for the purchase of products c/o Azienda Agricola Bianchi.

** tailor made experience on request (

*** children’s cost on request (


The Biodiversity Garden
Via Pozz, Rovio, Switzerland


The event is finished.

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