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Our vision

In today’s society, where everything is swirling, it is not always easy and there is not always the opportunity or the time to constantly follow a “Green” philosophy.

Be Free Go Green is a box full of emotions, a Community of experts, of evolving people, who are dynamic, ready to share their passions and to enrich their own life-style without losing touch with themselves, a tribe of free souls, who are aware that everybody can do something to aim for a better world.


In some places there are efficient business that are not know very well due to a bad communication strategy. They expect that people ask for more information, rather than stimulating interest creating a valid and complete offer based on trustworthy contacts and ethical backgrounds.


sometimes the problem is not the advertising or the valid contacts, but the information given which are not detailed and difficult to understand.


When people promote themselves, the offers given are often “disorganised”. Be Free Go Green has created an unique offer that enhances the territory, promotes services and collaborations with public and private bodies which believe in the concept of freedom and protection of nature.



Arianna Fabbri


“Do you suppose she’s a Wildflower?”

Flight attendant, Travel and Event Manager, versatile and multitasking Executive PA…

A dreamer, a bit Alice, a bit Mad Hatter and a bit Wonder Women (like all women), with an ironically tragi-comic soul.

I have deep roots and an unbreakable connection with the territory, but at the same time I am always ready to leave for a new adventure with the strong belief that the Nature, the journeys, the experiences and the beautiful people that you meet in your path are the real treasure in everyone’s life.


Alessandra Parli


The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for” cit. A. Einstein

I’ve always loved this Albert Einstein quote and I strongly believe that all of us can and must do something for our future and for our plane without being extremists, but concrete.

This is the reason why when Arianna explained me the project and asked me to collaborate as marketing and communication expert for Be Free Go Green I said yes.


Santiago Imperatrice

Web & Social Media Strategist

“People do not buy goods & services. They buy relations, stories & magic” (S. Godin) I think that Be Free Go Green is the right web platform to create your wonderful and unforgettable stories.

Claudio Brignole


My job is to deal with the creative and communication aspects of Be Free Go Green. In my 25 years of experience I worked as art director / graphic designer / video maker / journalist. Convinced ecologist, I don’t have a car, I go around on foot or I take the bus or the train (which are one of my passions). I think that if everybody does something we will save the planet, but unfortunately just some people take this issue seriously.

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