Adopt or gift an Olive tree

The magnificent secular olive trees are an incredible and precious testimony of the past and a priceless heritage of our present and future. At the moment, the Xylella is attacking these gentle giants and unfortunately there are no official treatments (just experimental ones) to defeat this killer bacterium once it has been contracted. However, a right prevention and the implementation of control measures are still an effective defence.

In Puglia, many people are at the forefront to stem the transmission of the Xylella and they need concrete and effective aids.
For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to adopt an olive tree for you or as a gift.

With this adoption, you can take care of an olive tree through our selected and trustworthy farmers and you will protect the life of a priceless secular tree.

The Nature needs care and respect, but in return it gives wonderful fruit, unique experiences and unforgettable memories.

You will have the opportunity to name your olive tree, to receive an adoption certificate, a regular newsletter with photos and news about your tree, 15 litters of olive oil from your tree (or at least from the country estate), a selection of local products (once a year in late November/ in early December). You will also have the possibility to go and visit your olive tree, planning your journey through Be Free Go Green with a special discount, and to attend to exclusive activities thought just for you.

The annual contribution amounts to CHF 390.- (c.a. Euro 350.-) (shipping to Europe included).

On the expiry of the period, you will receive a request of renewal, which will allow you to freely decide if you want to reconfirm or not your support to this project.