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DETOX Spring… Green Wellness

Even if we love the “dolce far niente” (sometimes it’s necessary have a relaxing moment), and we have the best excuses to not go to the gym, it’s scientifically proven that the body needs regular exercise in order to work properly and prevent serious diseases.

You don’t have to be professional athletes, even if there is always a need for them 😉

Every types of physical activity can be seen as exercise.

From the daily routine as cleaning, gardening, doing shopping, walking the stairs…to practise hobbies as riding or hiking, …or attending a training class regularly or being part of an élite group of athletes!

You need just 30 minutes 5 times a week, at your own pace, to improve the quality of life.

Many people think that get fit means losing weight, but it is more about keeping organs as heart and lungs healthy, because if they work properly you can have a better life.

Which are the benefits of movement?

  • Increase the lung function and capacity: lungs are respiratory muscles. While you exercise your body needs more oxygen, so the pulmonary ventilation increases and there is an involuntary movement that improve lung elasticity, volume and endurance. An adapted exercise, practised regularly, can help to improve symptoms of respiratory disease such as asthma and pulmonary fibrosis
  • Reduce the risk of cardiovascular mortality: the heart is a muscle that moves not only our body, but also the whole universe… Increasing, in a balanced way, its amount of work and therefore the heart rates, it’s determined what is called “physiological expansion”. This improves the force of contraction and as a result it works more efficiently. This efficiency reduces the possibility to develop cardiovascular disease such as stroke, ictus and hypertension.


And much more…exercising strengthens bones and cartilages; it reduces the risk of the onset of many form of cancer, helps the weight loss reducing the blood fats, prevents diabetes, it reduces anxiety symptoms and depression and increase the good mood,

Nothing new you could say…

Then there is the Nature…which enhances and increases all these benefits. So, as soon as you can, go out to get some fresh air! Wherever you want, in the town park, in the garden, in a wood, in a path by the see or the lake…

Green Wellness has been created to let you discover and to guide you in these amazing places.

This is an invitation to forget about the time and explore magic landscapes and find yourself again. It’s an invitation to exercise in harmony, following the principles of sustainability and wellness – followed by meditation, yoga and fitness experts, and to find you vital energy.

So dear friends…as soon as possible EVERYBODY OUT!

In the meanwhile, you can follow our ONLINE classes on our Socials.

A good start…