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DETOX foodies: lightness and wellbeing

When we talk about “ detox diet”, we mean eating habits created to clean the body, especially liver and kidneys, of toxins.

This allows us to lose weight, to strengthens our immune system and to start again with more energy.

The majority of the food that we eat, unfortunately, contains harmful contaminants.

.Food additives (preservatives, dyes, flavour enhancers, etc.)

.Pesticides (insecticide and herbicides, etc.)

.Drugs (antibiotics, growth promoters, etc.)

.Pollutants (mercury, lead, hydrocarbon, etc.)

Hence, having a day to clean and purify your body, especially when we eat a lot (festivities, moodiness, season change, etc.), it’s a useful idea for our well-being.

Our precious consultant, Dr. Tea Ancona, affirmed dietician and specialist in human nutrition (nutrition education, sport nutrition, food intolerances and allergies, etc.), teaches us that too drastic diets can create stress for our body. Not only they are not advisable for people with some disease, but also put us in “power saving mode”.

Therefore, when you start to eat normally again, your body assimilate as much as possible and you put on weight again and here comes the frustration.

For this reason, we suggest a “detox” day not too strict and very easy to follow, with different type of food and rich in draining and detoxifying products..


Upon awakening

½ glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon


Juice of 2 oranges
3 rice crackers or 2 sugar-free wholemeal rusks
2 spoon of strawberries jam


2 kiwi and a cup of green tea (no sugar, or a teaspoon of honey)


1 portion of detox soup
150gr of grilled chicken (or 100gr of seitan) Boiled asparagus


2 kiwi and a cup of green tea (no sugar, or a teaspoon of honey)


1 portion of detox soup
200gr of boiled cod (or 100gr of tofu) on the side, 3 stew artichokes with garlic and parsley.

A cup of chamomile without sugar, before go to bed


Drink at least 1,5 lt of water
Use only 2 spoon of oil a day



Fruit compote (we will use strawberries) What you need: 500 g of very ripe fruit (plums or pears, quinces, apricots, peaches…), 1 apple with skin, 1/2 glass of water, the juice of 1/2 lemon, 1 teaspoon of spices to taste (cinnamon, ginger, cloves…).
How to prepare: wash carefully and cut the fruit into pieces. Cut the apple into cubes, including the peel, and add it to the rest. Put everything in a bowl, add the lemon juice, stir well and leave to rest for about 1 hour.

Pour the macerated fruit into a high-sided pot and cook over low heat for 45 minutes, gradually adding half a glass of water. At this stage, you can add the spices, to obtain a more intense and particular taste.

For a compote with a smoother and more homogeneous consistency, immediately after cooking blend everything with the hand blender. Once cooled, it can be kept in the fridge (in a well closed jar) for up to a week.

Detox soup

3 onions
2 coasts of celery
2 leeks 2 fennels
2 tomatoes

Wash the vegetables and cut them into chunks. Pour everything into a pot, add 1.5 lt of water. Salt and cook until the vegetables have a soft consistency. Blend everything and season with some of the permitted oil. The amount is sufficient for lunch and dinner.



. Lemon: purifies the body, promotes digestion, antibacterial, strengthens the immune defenses,…

. Oranges: rich in vitamin C (potent antioxidant), vitamin B1 (essential for cardiac function), potassium (regulates pressure and counteracts water retention),…

. Strawberries: they have a draining and purifying action, have a neuro-protective and anti-inflammatory effect, reduce the risk of tumor pathologies,…

. Kiwi: natural laxative effect, improve sleep, prevent anaemia,…

. Asparagus: they fight water retention and have an excellent diuretic action. Asparagus essential oils have an important anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic action. They are good for the mood!

. Artichokes: reduce bad cholesterol in the blood, help digestion, protect the liver,…

. Fennels: allies in weight loss, have anti-stress properties, fights irritable bowel syndrome, promotes expectorant activity, promotes the expectorant activity,…

. Tomatoes: reduce the formation of cellulite, fight aging, protect the eyesight, strengthen the bones, fight muscle cramps, and help to prevent the formation of…

. Green tea: with incredible slimming, draining, purifying,… It is an excellent energizer, anti-bacterial and much more. The allied health drink par excellence!


We strongly support and advise you to prefer food from organic farming and small farms or non-intensive certified farms.