Hurry up, it’s late! Alice, the White Rabbit and Wonderland

Have you ever gone from “wow, I have a lot of time” to “OMG I’m very late” in a jiffy??!!

Imagine an apparently relaxing morning turns into a race against the clock…imagine the decision to take the bike and ride as fast as you can downtown (because you can park the bike anywhere)…imagine a wonderful summer day with a bluebird sky, the sweet tweet of birds and the flower-fill meadows…imagine, in the complete chaos of this breathless ride, a sudden feeling of freedom and the awareness of having contributed with that decision (choosing the bike instead of the car) to protect the environment…

There! It was exactly in that moment that Be Free Go Green was born.

Will we be able to carry radical and long-lasting changes out or everything will end like all the drastic diets started with determination but never finished, because they were often incompatible with our everyday-life and especially with our being, our passions and our desire to share our experiences?

Is it possible to create and maintain a “Green” world, without extremisms, without judgments or without guilt…without sacrificing our free time, but on the contrary, enriching it with new people, experiences, journeys, amazing and thrilling projects?

We think so… we believe that a cooking class at a historical mill, which uses not-textured flours and green energy, a pic-nic underneath the stars among the vineyards, walking in nature, outdoor sports activities, artistic labs, wonderful journeys and many…so many breathless rides in wonderful summer days (and not only) CAN make unexpectedly the difference…And you?