Toddler girl looking on the boy riding a bicycle and she want the same. Spring/summer/autumn active sport leisure for kids. Toddler kid on bike

Ready? You go (back) to School!

Today many of our beloved Green Kids go back to school.

We imagine them with their colorful raincoat and boots …but also careful, because, as we’ve heard some of them saying “the bad virus, the green one with the crown, is still out there”…

Because children with their simplicity are very sensitive to what surrounds them… their hearing, especially when it doesn’t have to, can pick up things that we “grown-ups” can’t imagine! Ahahahah!…. But they can be more careful and conscientious than many adults, we know this very well.

We imagine them excited and happy to meet their friends and teachers again, almost as if it were a new first day of school… because as much as their parents have been unique and wonderful in these months in protecting them, giving them a semblance of “normality”… this moment was absolutely not normal for them either.

So we are slowly returning back to normality with all the necessary precautions and we firmly believe that these few weeks before the end of the school year will help them to gradually understand the new school reality that they will probably have to face in September and that will for a long time be based on increased hygiene standards and social distance.

There have been many concerns about this reopening in particular.

We cannot say with certainty what is right and what is wrong, because there are still many doubts and uncertainties. But there is a sense of trust that comforts us and warms our hearts… Trust in the people who take care of our children and young people all year round with passion and commitment. They are the teachers, the educators and all those people who gravitate around the school system… even the people who clean the facilities, the janitors, the bus drivers… all fundamental figures!

We will also take care of them with responsibility and professionalism, resuming our Green Camp in collaboration with Popcorn English in a gradual way, with all the necessary precautions and hygiene rules.

We will start with some days between May and the beginning of June, to continue (except for new Federal and Cantonal regulations) with the Summer Green Camps starting from the end of the school year and for the whole summer.

We guide our young guests to become more aware of the connection with Nature and the impact of our actions on the environment around us.

Our programs, generally for children from 4 to 12 years old, inspire them to reconnect with the territory, to live more sustainably and to be encouraged to represent a model of change.



  • Bilingual English / Italian camps (we also speak French and German!)
  • Ecological activities (gardening, making small organic gardens,…)
  • Art workshops using recycled material – Sports activities (courses with qualified instructors, hiking, running, swimming, volleyball, football,…)
  • Educational activities and walks throughout Ticino

The Green Camp from 8.30 to 17.00, takes place in the Nature (support structure just in case of bad weather) and in each structure we have a maximum of 10 kids/children divided into 2 groups of 5, each of them monitored by 1 teacher (two teachers in total).

On request, it is possible to anticipate/postpone or extend the timetable according to your needs (baby-sitting and homeworking service, etc… on request!).

Places are limited, for more information and registration click here !